An officer threatens to kill a journalist and those around him since he’s not credential press. He then threatens everyone around the guy with live rounds. If you don’t know what those are, they’re real bullets.

Another journalist tried to ask his name but all he said was “Go fuck yourself”.

The tag trending for this guy on twitter, funny enough, is #officergofuckyourself.

Please spread, Ferguson is not safe. Don’t forget about it.


Ladies and Gentlemen, Officer GoFuckYourself. 

Full article about this incident can be found HERE.

Man, Danny Devito got TALL.

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John Legend doesn’t take shit.

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v-video gamesss….

hoyl shit man i’m on the verge

fuck it, crying bitch tears.

this isn’t fair…

Out of his entire body of work I’m almost embarassed to admit the most heartwrenching thing he’s ever been a part of that never fails to make me misty eyed was a video game commercial.


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Fudge recipe on a headstone

I feel like I should make this just to be able to say a dead person taught me how to make it. Maybe I’ll do it for Halloween.

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  • Question: What I don't get is why women have such small pockets on things like jeans/anything. I guess they make them with the expectation that all women should have handbags/purses? I mean, how the hell do you deal with the lack of storage space? - orleos
  • Answer:


    I am reasonably sure that the reason most women’s clothing is designed with no/tiny useless pickets is because making a form-fit and a desirable silhouette is the #1 top priority of women’s clothing designers, so they don’t spare any space for the bulges that things like wallets and phones would cause.

    I have worn both men’s and women’s formal wear and realized that while women’s clothing is typically designed to show off the body you do have, men’s is designed to hide your body and create the illusion of one idealized physique. Like, well-fitted men’s formal wear makes small guys look bigger and big guys look smaller, and the extra fabric leaves more space to squirrel away things without breaking the silhouette.

    It was actually an interesting experience that I feel like could be researched in more depth, because I noticed at the party I wore the suit to I was way more confident and easygoing and fun than I normally am at parties and realized it was because I was’t constantly double-checking to make sure everything was tucked and pushed up and aligned properly and evaluating my appearance on every surface and making sure I sat and stood in specific ways so all the candid photos I ended up in wouldn’t look completely unflattering. It made me wonder how much of stereotypical attitudes of men and women at formal parties can be traced to that sort of freedom of suits versus vulnerability of dresses.

    And yeah , I know a lot of this ties into how people feel about their bodies and their personal confidence levels and comfort zones, I’m just saying it’s way easy to feel good about yourself when you know any way you sit or stand and any angle you’re viewed from you look handsome as all get out.

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Please reblog!! Help get the word out to others about the animals that we love so much.

And here’s a quick link to their website!

Holy shit, it is the most sad and embarrassing fucking thing to hear about my more rural friends using a shotgun to take out a god damn BLACK RAT SNAKE and then immediately start talking about excitable city folk who can’t handle a little rustic living.

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So yesterday I found out that Randy Queen (artist of DarkChylde) filed a bunch of DMCA takedown notices to Tumblr to remove posts of his covers on this blog (the entire posts, not just the images).  I’ve also gotten messages from other users that he’s had their stuff removed too (redraws, etc that have been featured here).  Non-critical Tumblr posts of his art/covers and those praising his work appear to be unaffected.

I’m writing this to let other people who run sites that might have criticized his work ( thehawkeyeinitiative, bikiniarmorbattledamage, boobsdontworkthatway, repair-her-armor, comicartcorrections etc) know that he seems to use DMCA takedowns to remove pages that are critical of his work.  And, to be prepared that he might have Tumblr remove your posts without warning (there was no prior communication of any kind, or conventional requests for removal).

Also, if you’ve submitted redraws of his stuff to these sites, you might want to ask them to put them private for now (if he complains about a submission you’ve made, Tumblr will count it as a complaint against your account).

To date, Mr. Queen is the only artist who has taken this kind of action - other artists and publishers seem to understand Escher Girls & other similar sites are fair use and criticism, and that fan discussion, positive or negative, is important and helpful to their business. (In fact, the creators I’ve interacted with are either fans of EG, or expressed disagreement but know that it’s fan criticism.)

If anybody is curious about what his DarkChylde art looked like and why they were featured on this blog you can find them here.

(Don’t harass him on his Facebook or Tumblr by the way.  I’m not interested in having a feud with him, just letting people know what’s going on.)

Update: He has now filed a DMCA takedown with Tumblr to remove this post.  This post is still up on Escher Girls, but every single reblog of it has been removed.

Unbelievable… maybe he should take in the criticism and try to improve his artwork instead of acting like a 2 year old.

EDIT: I know nothing about this guy as I don’t read that comic. But it appears this artwork is old and he has supposedly improved (though I looked… still lots of bad anatomy and broken spines). This fact makes it even more immature… I post my bad art from 20 years ago (hell even some stuff from a couple years ago) and laugh about it. That is how this guy should have handled it… now he has just made a huge mess for himself “politically”.

Signal boosting this ordeal in case some new people see it, because even if it gets deleted as a reblog, this is what a giant baby looks like. It’s hard to judge if there’s really anyone who hasn’t heard about this, however, as now if you google Randy Queen by name, ALL I see on the first page is news about this debacle.

People will FIND your old embarrassing shit, and share it, and talk about it, and LAUGH a bit at it, if it’s REALLY bad. If you’re published, digitally or on paper, THAT HAPPENS. If you find people laughing at older work of yours that you LEFT, published, where they can find it, regardless of what you might have felt about that art at the time, YOU CAN’T GET MAD AT PEOPLE FOR LOOKING AT IT AND SHARING IT AND JUDGING IT. If people looking at old work of yours is that bad, then you probably should just stop making content NOW, because you’re only going to keep improving, looking back a few months and going “Yeesh.”

Truth be told, I hadn’t really heard of Randy Queen, before now.

All I’m going to know him for is this act, not his art or how much he might have improved.

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Science: Your skeleton is the sassiest organ in your body.

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